Friday, 22 August 2014

The Stadium

The Moses Mabhida Stadium has becom a truly beloved part of Durban.  Not only has it added interest to our skyline, thereby giving a subject to many artists, photographers and crafters, but it is a real meeting place.  Besides hosting the monthly iheart market, and other events like The Top Gear Festival, it's a great place to just visit.  Recently we've had 2 sets of friends from overseas, and we enjoyed the stadium with both of them. 
The structure of MMS is so graceful and full of rhythm. The repetition of so many elements in and around the building creates a pleasing visusal melody.
Its a great place to view the city of Durban - From the layers of train track lines to the curves of gentle historic buildings, finishing off with the serene sea.  (It was beautifully calm on the days we were there!)
A trip to the top of the stadium is a must -  There are 2 ways to get there - by car or on foot.
If you choose the Skycar, you can buy your tickets at the ticket office before gliding up to the stadium's zenith.  
If you want to walk to the top, you'll have to get some tickets too, to enjoy the view - step by step! 

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