Monday, 29 September 2014

Responsible Traveller Magazine

Responsible Traveller  is a travel publication showcasing responsible tourism destinations in Southern Africa.
Tessa Buhrman. the Durban based editor says that the magazine aims to inform, educate, entertain as well as inspire its readers to make informed decisions, manage their impact on the environment and to ‘be the difference’

The most recent issue published last week deals with topics like ‘how can luxury travel be responsible?’ and success stories in Rhino Conservation. 
Freshly Found Durban was invited to submit an article on the Beset Durban Walks, which we have featured before on this blog:
"We are also encouraged to ‘get off our couches, beach towels and coffee shop chairs’and explore our own cities. What better way to be a responsible traveller… no carbon footprint and great opportunities to interact with, and experience local cuisine and culture" Read the 'Durban Walks' article on page 86
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