Monday, 4 August 2014

Rivertown - Beset Durban

The  Beset Durban Archiwalks are one of the best things to happen in Durban lately, as they are opening up interesting parts of our city.  Many of us are going places we have never been before and are seeing familiar places with new and appreciative eyes.

It is heart warming to meet people who are proactive and passionate about Durban 
On Sunday we toured the exciting Rivertown Precinct and surrounds.   
Architects Andrew Makin and Rodney Choromanski shared their perspective with us. 
We finished off at the newly exposed section of Rivertown's 'river' - right outside the 100 year old Beer Hall, which has been relaunched as a place for community.

Grind Cities in a summary of the rebirth of Rivertown aptly quotes Jane Jacobs in saying:
New ideas must use old buildings
That's happening in a big way here.  Thanks to the guys from Beset Durban for organising a great tour and to the architects who shared with us too.
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