Friday, 11 April 2014

Beset Durban - Florida Road Archiwalk

200 on Florida - Victorian Home of Spiga
Beset Durban is a community-focused group of people who organise walks in Durban.  They have taken aspects of the word beset (set upon, surround, attack from all sides) in making it their goal to get Durbanites back onto the streets of their own city. 
Hollis House

Last Saturday I was delighted to be able to join an archiwalk of Florida Road.  It was led by architect Frank Reitz who has worked extensively in the road and has a real heart for the history of the road, and and some exciting dreams and ideas for its future too.
Cameron Finnie introducing the archiwalk

Frank Reitz - architect
It was fascinating to learn about Victorian, Edwardian and later forms of architecture that are found in this road, and to understand the challenge of adding new buildings among the old.  
New Architecture blending with old
Follow Beset Durban on Instagram and on Facebook if you want to be part of their next exciting exploration.
Quarters Hotel

Photography - Graham Kiggan


  1. How interesting. I love doing walking tours. You discover things about places that you'd never know otherwise. The top building is beautiful!

  2. I lived in Durban for two years-what a great city. I love the idea of an architectural walk!