Monday, 30 June 2014

Msundusi Museum - Pietermaritzburg

The Msundusi Museum in central Pietermaritzburg is well worth a visit.  It is housed in the beautiful redbrick building that was once the old Longmarket Girls School.  
The Museum is full of local history and artifacts.  No photography is allowed inside, but the appealing outside area gives you a hint of what you'll find.
"On display in the Main Hall of the Museum Main Building, the exhibition portrays some aspects of the history of Pietermaritzburg. It explains why there are different names for the city, gives an overview of the buildings, military history, health care, different religious groups etc.
Old wagons and other historical vehicles have pride of place, and a small room is dedicated to the ‘Seven days’ War of the early 1990’s."
The Voortrekker Museum is part of the complex and consists of the original Church of the Vow and an exact replica of Pretorius' house.

 "The Church of the Vow is the original part of the museum, and houses exhibitions dealing with the history of the Church, the Vow the Voortrekker made before the Battle of Bloodriver/ Ncome, and the lifestyle of the Voortrekkers. The original pulpit, made by 2 German Craftsmen in 1840, is still on display. 
The Extension, added to the museum in 1955, is home to one of the original oxwagons used on the Great Trek, as well as a large number of Voortrekker memorabilia. The story of the origin of the Great Trek, its leaders and some of its most touching incidents is depicted."

The museum is well maintained has secure parking, friendly helpful staff and a minimal entrance fee.  It has an informative website  with directions and opening times.  
Look out for the beautiful green typographical 'living wall' welcome!
PS - Just found this pic of Church Street in Pietermaritzburg in Wonderful South Africa by Associated Newspapers Ltd Johannesburg:

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